Rolex news 2023: here are the new Rolex replica Watches & Wonders 2023

Rolex replica watches novelties are always among the most discussed topics (appreciated or not) by watch enthusiasts. What will be the new Rolex 2022? What are the discontinued Rolexes for 2022? Among the most anticipated and talked about Rolex News 2022 are the Rolex Milgauss 2022, the Rolex Explorer 2 2022 (strangely) and the Rolex Air King 2022. Although we consider the arrival of a Rolex Explorer 2022 more than unlikely given that the collection has undergone changes substantial last year – here you can find our Live review of the new Explorers – the other two are much more reasonable and, moreover, long awaited.

In any case, starting today March 30, we will progressively update this content with the models officially launched by the brand and we will give our personal opinion on the new Rolex 2022 (you will therefore also find the English version once the update is complete). Now let's find out what our colleagues have imagined for the new Rolex 2022 collection and, above all, why.

New Rolex Air-King 2022 reference 126900

Contrary to all predictions, Rolex has not aesthetically updated its Air-King model which thus retains its architecture with the dial inspired by the dashboard of the Bloodhound SSC. Below an image of the new model

As with the latest version of Explorer, the new Air-King has a new version of Chromalight which guarantees superior brightness in the dark and in low light conditions. The Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9 are now more visible in the dark thanks to the new Chromalight variant (in the outgoing version they were not filled with luminescent material). The case measures 40 mm and houses the caliber 3230.

Contrary to expectations, therefore, Rolex has preserved the dial aesthetics of the outgoing Air-King 116900 model, often criticized by aficionados for its lack of relevance to the history of the collection with the Bloodhound SSC-inspired dial as the main culprit. On the contrary, the brand's designers have not touched the layout in the slightest, instead they have brought substantial changes to the case, now equipped with protective shoulders like the pure sportsmen of the family.

What is the difference between the new Air-King 126900 and the Rolex Air-King 116900?

We talked about the new caliber, and it was rather obvious that fake rolex would update the movement by aligning the new model with the current generation of sports watches. The case is different both for the presence of the protective shoulders and for the thickness; moreover the profile is different and together with the thickness of the case it aims to significantly improve the wearability of the watch. The thickness goes from 13.00 mm for the 116900 to 11.59 mm for the 126900. This is a significant change.




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