Fake Rolex Explorer 2023: the review of the new models

With the launch of the new Rolex Explorer collection, the 39 mm version, the fake rolex Explorer 214270, officially disappears, while the older brother with GMT function receives an invisible as well as substantial aesthetic and technical makeover, conserving the 42 mm case on the contrary. While the size gap between the two versions grows and Rolex Explorer doubles in references 124270 and 124273 (the first in history in Rolesor), those who own the outgoing model available exclusively in steel have found a small treasure in their hands since April 7 , judging by the peak reached in one week on the watch market. We therefore continue to witness a consolidated phenomenon; the phase out of some models of the brand measures the interest of the community for that reference, although few would have bet on the surge in value of Explorer, including yours.

The new Rolex Explorer 124270 and 124273

Among the new collections, Explorer I is the one that has received the most evident changes on paper; the 36mm case size is a bet that only time will judge. Rolex is slowly but surely changing the skin of several core collections and the Explorer 2021 is inspired by the original 1953 model. It is not a transformation that is so different, in philosophy, from the one that the professional Submariner collection has faced, although in that case it is more correct talk about surgery.

The new Day-Dates, like its existing siblings, are powered by the Caliber 3255. This movement obviously features the day and date functions but benefits from all the tech that every Rolex caliber does. The movement has a high-efficiency, temperature resistant Chronergy escapement, a Paraflex shock system, and the brand's Blue Parachrom hairspring. It beats at 28,800 vph with a three-day power reserve and, of course, it's a Superlative Chronometer, meaning it's regulated and tested to -/+2 seconds per day. So confident is Rolex in its movements that it now recommends a 10-year service interval (its watches are covered by a 5-year warranty, though).

These models are a refreshing throwback and add a new twist to the never-ending stream of brands (including Rolex) passing new colors off as new watches. Even if these releases act as an expansion of the current stone dial offerings, it's a front-page announcement of such watches, which we haven't seen in a very long time. Add to that the fun and funky puzzle piece models, which are sure to break the internet, and these are truly enjoyable releases. Here's to more exciting dials like these from Rolex and other brands—at least it's not just a certain shade of blue. As for pricing, Rolex replica watches uk hasn't provided it for many of the configurations, but they will start at $43,900 USD for the carnelian in a yellow gold case without diamonds on the bezel. No word yet on pricing for the puzzle dials, which appear to be off-catalog, with no clear reference numbers even provided. For more information please visit the brand's website.




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